Wisconsin Dells - Waterpark Capital of the World Travel Guide

With eighteen indoor waterparks, three outdoor waterparks, the dells area of the Wisconsin River, and all of the other attractions in the region, Wisconsin Dells has developed itself into the kind of vacation spot that people return to year after year.

 One visit to Wisconsin Dells is all it takes for travelers to see what all the fuss is about.  Outdoor recreation, indoor recreation, natural and wilderness areas, museums, and more... it all adds up to Wisconsin Dells being one of the best choices anyone could make as the destination for their next family vacation.


Wisconsin Dells is located in the south central region of Wisconsin and has over the years developed into a very popular vacation destination.  The community sits right on the Wisconsin River and is adjacent to a sandstone gorge that was carved and molded by glaciers years ago and is now a popular natural attraction for both travelers and locals alike to enjoy.  The number one thing that Wisconsin Dells is known for though is being the Waterpark Capital of the World.  The first waterpark opened in the area in the late 1970s, and over the next few decades another seventeen outdoor wateparks would be constructed and open.  A great many visitors to the area are pleased with the wide variety of things to do and tourists leave the community every year completely satisfied with the type of vacation they chose to take.  Here are five little known facts about Wisconsin Dells.


1.  The city of Wisconsin Dells actually sits within the borders of four different counties: Adams, Columbia, Juneau, and Sauk.

2.  When founded in 1857 by Byron Kilbourn, the city was originally called Kilbourn City, the town did not change its actual name to Wisconsin Dells until 1931.

3.  The first tourists to the area came in the mid-1850s and among other things took row boat tours of The Dells on the Wisconsin River.

4.  Wisconsin Dells is not only known as the "Waterpark Capital of the World", it is also home to the first indoor waterpark ever built in the United States.  It is also home to the largest outdoor waterpark, Noah's Ark.

5.  The largest amusement resort in Wisconsin Dells is Mt. Olympus Water and theme Park which was at one time two separate attractions, Big Chief Carts and Coasters and Treasure Island Waterpark Resort.


Top Must-See Attractions In Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

 To say though that Wisconsin Dells is only about the waterparks is a huge mistake.  There are a great many things to do in the area to occupy, interest, inform, and entertain the visitors that head there every year.  A trip to the Wisconsin Dells area of Wisconsin is a great way to escape either the boredom or hectic life that can be found in a number of other areas of the country.  As an example, here are five must-see attractions in Wisconsin Dells.


1.  Noah's Ark Water Park

With over sixty water attractions, everything from slides to wave pools and more, Noah's Ark Water Park is one of the most popular destinations in Wisconsin Dells.  Noah's Ark is the largest water park in the entire United States of America and is also one of the first water parks ever opened in the community. Noah's Ark is an outdoor water park.  They recently added a 4-D spongebob squarepants show that is very entertaining complete with action that will leave you soaked.


2.  Tour the Dells by Boat

There are a number of companies in the Wisconsin Dells area that offer tours of the Dells area of the river.  The chance to see this amazing and protected natural area up close and personal should not be passed up.  Tours can be taken on everything from dinner cruises, to jet boats, to World War II era amphibious vehicles.


3.  Broadway Dinner Theatre in the Dells

While the water parks and boat tours are a great way to be active and enjoy the outdoors in the Wisconsin Dells area, where does one go for a more refined time?  The Broadway Dinner Theatre in the Dells, that's where.  This show place features Broadway-type stage productions without requiring a trip to New York City.


4.  The Tommy Barlett Show

Officially known as Tommy Bartlett's Water Ski & Jumping Boat Thrill Show, the Tommy Bartlett Show features daredevil performers doing tricks and jumps on everything from water skis to boats and more.  The show has been running since the early 1950s and has entertained millions of visitors both in Wisconsin Dells and in other locations while on tour.


5.  Timberland Playhouse

On of the best spots to take younger kids in the entire community is Timberland Playhouse which is a three-story indoor fun land made almost entirely of foam.  The kids can literally bounce off the walls here and burn some energy while their parents relax knowing that they're children are playing hard but are also completely safe.


The Waterpark Capital of the World is ready and willing to entertain every visitor that heads its way.  The community of Wisconsin Dells offers much more than just a waterpark vacation though, the community also offers quality vacation resorts, great natural resources, live shows and stage performances, interesting eating establishments, and more.  A trip to Wisconsin Dells is well worth the time and expense that it takes to get there.  Wisconsin Dells is truly one of America's national treasures when it comes to vacation hot spots.

Visiting Five Great Museums in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Wisconsin Dells has a unique history, and there are a number of high quality museums in the area that cover that history well.  Here is a look at five of the top museums in the Wisconsin Dells area.

Mid-Continent Railway Museum

With a train ride that lasts just short of an hour in addition to a number of displays consisting of actual rail cars, railroad equipment, and more, the Mid-Continent Railway Museum is a must stop for anyone interested in railroad history.


Parsons Indian Trading Post & Museum

A visit to the Parsons Indian Trading Post & Museum is a great way to both get a look at Native American history in the Wisconsin area, as well as get a chance to purchase authentic Indian jewelry and other craft items.


Timbavati Wildlife Park/Storybook Gardens

One of the most kid-friendly attractions in the Wisconsin Dells area that is not a water park is the Timbavati wildlife Park/Storybook Gardens site.  Here kids and adults alike can interact with giraffes, zebras, kangaroos, and more.  There is also a chance to see moments and scenes from classic children's stories brought to life and acted out before visitors' very eyes.


Museum of Historic Torture Devices

One of the most unique museums in not only Wisconsin Dells, but the entire nation, is the Museum of Historic Torture Devices.  This small but thorough and well organized museum displays many of the unique torture devices that have been used by man throughout history including the rack, the cucking stool, thumbscrews, and more.


Seth Peterson Cottage

One of the last buildings designed by the legendary Frank Lloyd Wright, the Seth Peterson Cottage is located outside of Wisconsin Dells in nearby Lake Delton.  The cottage is open to tours during certain times of the month, and is also available to reserve for both overnight stays as well as mid-size meetings.and gatherings.


While nothing in Wisconsin Dells will ever be able to compete with the ever expanding waterpark landscape there, the interesting and unique museums in and around the area also offer themselves up as a different kind of attraction that can still entertain the visitors that come to town.  Wisconsin Dells is a great place to spend a long weekend, or even an entire vacation, and the local museums help make it just such a destination.


Ready to travel to the Dells?

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Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin has been one of the more popular vacation destinations in the United States over the past few decades.  The main reason for this is the large number of indoor and outdoor waterparks in and around the community. Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin is known around the world as the Waterpark Capital of the World and the community attracts tons of vacationers all summer long.  Lounging in the sun and plunging down water covered slides is great fun, but there is a lot more to do in the Wisconsin Dells area than just spend time at the various waterparks.  

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