Unique and Interesting museums in Minnesota

The state of Minnesota is a fun and interesting place to visit, regardless of what the interests of the traveler are. From the many outdoor recreation possiblities available there to the shopping opportunities that fill the Twin Cities area, Minnesota offers a great deal to those who come for a visit.

 Minnesota is a fascinating state with a long and storied history.  A fact that many interested in visiting Minnesota, who also share an interest in history or just finding out information they didn't previously know, come to love is that the state has a wide variety of museums available for the public to visit.

Here is a look at some of the most unique and interesting museums in the state of Minnesota.


Charles A. Lindbergh House
Located in Charles A. Lindbergh State Park just outside of Little Falls, the Charles A. Lindbergh House preserves the famous aviator's boyhood home on land that was owned by his father.  The home is operated and maintained by the Minnesota Historical Society.

Hinckley Fire Museum
Located in the community of Hinckley, the Hinckley Fire Museum is housed in the former Northern Pacific Depot and is dedicated to preserving the history of the Great Hinckley Fire, a fire that nearly completely destroyed six different towns and more than four hundred square miles.  The museum also details the rebuilding of the area following this catastrophic event.

Historic Forestville
Operated by the Minnesota Historical Society and located within Forestville Mystery Cave State Park, Historic Forestville is a living museum that features costumed tour guides and interpreters who portray residents of the village of Forestville from its time as a rural trading center.  Historic Forestville is a popular attraction and is usually combined with a trip to Mystery Cave and its more than thirteen miles of underground passageways located nearby.

Pavek Museum of Broadcasting
Located in St. Louis Park, the Pavek Museum of Broadcasting exhibits one of the most diverse and significant collections o radio and television equipment from days gone by.  The collection was begun by Joe Pavek in the mid 1940s and was kept up through to modern times.

Grand Portage National Monument Heritage Center
The recently opened Grand Portage National Monument Heritage Center contains exhibits with ties to both the area's Native American history as well as the time that fur traders moved into the region and European exploration began.

Two Harbors Light
Two Harbors Light is the oldest operational lighthouse in Minnesota and is located in the community of Two Harbors, overlooking Agate Bay on Lake Superior.  The tower is forty-nine feet tall and still used to this day.  Inside the former lighthouse keeper's residence is now a museum and bed and breakfast.

Finn Creek Museum
Located a few miles southeast of New York Mills, the Finn Creek Museum is an open air museum dedicated to the preservation and display of the lives of the early Finnish immigrants who came to this area of the country in the early-to-mid 1800s.  The museum hosts a number of yearly events and also attempts to maintain a relationship with the nation of Finland too.

Lake Superior Railroad Museum
Dedicated to preserving early railroad artifacts from the local area, the Lake Superior Railroad Museum features a number of actual trains as well as a great deal of informative railroad related displays.  The museum is in possession of more than forty pieces of rolling track equipment including numerous steam, diesel, and electric locomotives.

The Bakken
The history of electricity and electromagnetism from 1200 AD to present day is explored and preserved at The Bakken.  This is the only library and museum in the entire world dedicated to the subject of medical electricity, a truly unique devotion indeed.  The museum is filled with many interactive displays, including some that are suitable for children to use and experience.

United States Hockey Hall of Fame
For anyone interested in the sport of hockey, the United States Hockey Hall of Fame in Eveleth, Minnesota is a must-see attraction.  The museum is devoted to the history of the sport of ice hockey in the United States.

Split Rock Lighthouse
Located just south of the community of Silver Bay, the Split Rock Lighthouse sits on a high cliff on the northern shores of Lake Superior and the light it casted could be seen for miles around.  The famous Mataafa Storm of 1905 resulted in nearly thirty ships being lost on Lake Superior, one of the direct responses to this storm was the construction of a number of lighthouses, including the Split Rock Lighthouse.  This was one of the lighthouses depicted on the 1995 postage stamp series “Lighthouses of the Great Lakes”.  Visitors are welcome and the site is operated by the Minnesota Historical Society.

Minnesota Streetcar Museum
One of the more interesting museums in the Twin Cities area is the Minnesota Streetcar Museum.  The museum operates two fully functional heritage streetcar lines and is a popular stop for those wanting to experience transportation methods from time gone by.

Minnesota Music Hall of Fame
The Minnesota Music Hall of Fame is located in New Ulm and is dedicated to honoring famous music legends from the state of Minnesota.  The area has produced a number of famous musicians including Judy Garland, Prince, Bob Dyland, The Andrews Sister, and more.  Many of them have interesting and informative exhibits dedicated to them at the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame.

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden
Located in Minneapolis, the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden covers eleven acres and is home to some of the most amazing outdoor sculptures in the country.  There are more than forty permanent sculptures on display in the garden and a gentle path leads from piece to piece among a well landscaped park setting.    Cowles Conservatory is located on the grounds of the park and other attractions like Loring Park and the Basilica of Saint Mary are located nearby.

3M Museum
The 3M Museum is housed in a early 20th century office building, known as the John Dwan Office Building, which was the site of the forming of the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company that would eventually become corporate giant 3M.  The museum displays early processes and technology applications that were used by the abrasives making company at the time.

Great Lakes Floating Maritime Museum
The Great Lakes Floating Maritime Museum is actually largely located within a number of historic vessels that are moored in the community of Duluth.  Visitors are welcome to tour several historic ships including a buoy tender, tugboat, and lake freighter.  Anyone interested in maritime history will really appreciate this rare opportunity to set foot on the actual ships that once sailed the waters of the Great Lakes.

Greyhound Bus Museum
The Greyhound Bus company is one of the most famous transportation companies in the entire world.  Its logo and buses are easily recognizable by anyone who has spent any time on America's roadways.  The Greyhound Bus Museum is located in Hibbing in the exact area where the founders of the company first started their business.  The museum is home to a number of historic Greyhound vehicles dating back to 1914.

Visit the museums in Minnesota with travelocity. With a travelocity discount promo code, you can get cheaper rates for travel in travelocity destinations. While Minnesota is known for many things, most people do not know of most of the truly unique museums that the state offers.  These museums offer a great learning experience for people of all ages.  Children and adults can find something of interest in museums like these that stray from the normal presentation of general history and instead focus on one event, person, product, or niche subject.  Often visiting a museum that is truly unique and one that offers covering its subject matter in a unique or unusual way can be the highlight of a vacation.


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