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Bolivia is a diverse country with miles and miles of unexplored land and jungles. The rainforests that have been inhabited for years by sixty percent of the Natives that have come from the area, one of the highest populations of natives within an area in any of the Americas. Through the tropical climate there are many attractions and sights which should be experienced while traveling to Bolivia. Here are some of the most popular sights to see while visiting Bolivia.

Depending on the time of year and locations visited, there can be great variation in the weather that is experienced throughout the trip. From the sizzling sun to the arctic chill, a trip to Bolivia always yields unexpected consequences. Bolivia's winter which goes from May through October is your best chance to explore the land since it's mostly dry and clear at this time. Due to its numerous hotsprings, you may even experience the stifling humidity as well.

Salar de Uyuni Salt Lake and Fields
There is a lake located in South Bolivia that has a high density of salt within the water that has become one of the most popular tourist destinations. This lake is known to the locals as Salar de Uyuni and is even visible from space as one of the largest salt flats that can be found throughout the globe. This salt lake is a remnant of what was once a prehistoric lake.

The salt flats are a sight to behold. It is an experience like no other, seeing a sea of white for miles and miles ahead. The miles salt are covered with water throughout the wet season, so be sure to view in the summer (from November to March) to get the best experience and able to spend time in the area without becoming too cold through the duration of the tour and while you are able to explore all of what the salt fields have to offer.

Be prepared for at least a foot of water to cover the salt fields through this season and come prepared with rain gear. Whenever there is a thin layer of water on the salt bed there is a nice reflection, imagine driving on a mirror! The salt is made into mounds, so that the water will easily evaporate. Once evaporated, it is dried in the fire and combined with iodine to consume.

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If you are looking for hotel accomodations to visit this place, consider the number of hotels around the area created from the salt of the Salar de Uyuni!  Yes, the hotels are created primarily with salt, the most famous hotel being Palacio de Sal.

The Amazon Jungle
A visit to South America is not complete without a visit, a tour or at least a quick experience of the Amazon Jungle, one of the most diverse rainforests in the world! There is a diverse range of plant and animal life that can be viewed in the jungle that will not be viewed anywhere else on earth. While taking in the sights that come with the Amazon Jungle consider taking a tour with a registered group to ensure the safety of yourself and fellow travelers while trekking through the jungle.

While choosing a tour group it is important to choose a tour guide and group that is trustworthy and comes on the recommendation of other people that have travelled to the area. There are many dangers that can come along with a trip to the Amazon Jungle. It is important to choose a guide that can knows the route and has adequate local knowledge to avoid these dangers throughout the duration of the trip. What should travelers be aware of before traveling on tours within the Amazon Jungle? Tourists should ensure that they are vaccinated for certain diseases and illnesses like Yellow Fever and Malaria to ensure that these disease are not caught while traveling, as they have been known to be prevalent in the area. The traveler should be aware of plants that can be poisonous and ensure that these plants are not touched or ingested through the duration of the trip.

There are also certain animals such as snakes which the traveler should steer clear of to ensure the safety of the traveler while on the trek through the Amazon Jungle. As well, safety measures should be taken such as leaving valuables at home and ensuring that that the tour guide will offer protection from disgruntled local tribes. It is essential that the traveler remain with the tour at all times to avoid chances of being kidnapped, as this has been known to occur in Bolivia.

The Aymaran Villages on the Shores of Lake Titicaca
These natural and culturally diverse villages are home to more than 60% of people that are indigenous to the area. This lake is used to get from place to place within Bolivia, as well as other parts of the country. The shores of Lake Titicaca are home to indigenous tribes that contain the culture of Bolivia, the history and many goods that can be purchased from the tribe using the local currency. Taking advantage of these markets can be exciting, but it is recommended to travel with the use of a local tour guide that can help the travelers to avoid any danger that may come with visits to the local tribes and markets.

One of the more tourist friendly places on the shores of Lake Titicaca is the town of Copacabana which is home to many tourist attractions including local fare and cultural activities and knick-knacks that can be purchased and brought home to friends and family members as a souvenir of Bolivia. There are many scenic parts of the town that can be walked through, including nature walks as well as paths which lead to and around the beach. Through these walkways are many cafes which can be enjoyed, serving up local favorites as well as the many juices which are available in Bolivia. Juice bars are one of the most popular types of stores in South America and tourists can take advantage of the exotic flavors.

Sorata is a popular destination for hikers that are traveling to Bolivia seeking a starting off point for their adventures. The small town offers a laid back atmosphere that is full of the local culture that can be found within the area. September fourteenth is the date of the town festival that can show a display of local heritage and festivals which are a spectacle for all tourists that are visiting the country. There is an abundance of local food and entertainment to mark the celebration of the celebration that encompasses the entire town through celebrations.

Yungus and the World’s Most Dangerous Road

The home to one of the world’s most dangerous roads and a community that truly has a view, as the entire area is perched atop a hill that yields views of the valleys, forests and communities below. Through the weekend on Saturdays and Sundays the town is bustling with activity from the local market which should not be missed. Therefore, planning around this market can be a great way to take advantage of local fare, local foods and other souvenirs which can be brought back to friends and family members that have not come on the vacation.

Rio Mamore
This is one of the most popular destinations in Bolivia as the traveler can experience wildlife that can be seen at few other places around the world. From tours that allow the traveler to come up close with giant alligators, giant anacondas and even pink dolphins, travelers are welcome to get up close and personal with species which are witnessed through the trip. Guided tours are available in the area which allows the traveler to come up close and personal with many other species than the above mentioned. There are many ways that the traveler can take advantage of these tours that are offered through local guides that know the area like the back of their hand.

 These tourist attractions can be found through the area - but be sure to choose a guide that has been recommended by other travelers or choose a well known organization. These natural parts of Bolivia can be dangerous and the traveler can never be too careful when coming into close contact with alligators and giant anacondas. As an added bonus, an experienced Rio Mamore guide will know all of the spots in which these animals can be seen and bring the tourists through these hotspots while providing protection from a variety of factors. Especially while traveling through natural and rural areas, the traveler should ensure that the guide is with the group at all times and the traveler should never leave the group. This can help to ensure the safety of not only the individual traveler, but of the entire group that is being given the tour.

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