A guide to Bermuda Vacation Travel

Bermuda belongs to the United Kingdom. It is also known as Somers Isles. IT is comprised of 138 islands. It is one of the world's most affluent economies with finance and tourism being the top sectors. When you vacation in beautiful Bermuda, you'll enjoy tis i precious land of sunshine and outdoor activities. Snorkel, relax by the beach or just enjoy the hospitality of the Bermudans!

So why should you come to Bermuda?

Some of the top reasons to go to Bermuda are as follows:
1. Beautiful Sandy Pink Beaches - Nowhere else in the world can anyone experience this.
2. Great place of tranquility. Not so much for the partying type, an excellent place for honeymooners or one of the best for a romantic getaway. 
3. British culture in a tropical island, that's an experience to see in itself.
4. Unique architecture and pastel colored buildings.
5. An amazing heaven if you are into golfing.

And a reason you should not visit:
1. It sure is expensive!  Be prepared for a $60 breakfast for two or a $100 dinner for two.  A  15 minute taxi ride will cost you $15.


Best time to go and where to get the best deals:

You can get the best prices and discount on hotels during Bermuda's off season from about December to March. This is one of the better times to go. If you plan to go around this time, you can also catch the Bermuda festival, which takes place during January and February.  The worst time to go would be during hurricane season from June to November.   Some resources for booking your trip can be cheaptickets, expedia or travelocity.  Check to see if there is a travelocity promotional code for Bermuda discounts.   Cheaptickets also offers discounts to Bermuda, this may also be an option. A cheaptickets promo code can help save money as well.


Brief travel to Bermuda tips

  • Always say good morning or good afternoon before asking a question. It's manners.
  • There is no car rental here to minimize pollution. You'll need to rent a motorbike, ride a bicycle, rent a horse drawn carriage, or go by bus. Bermuda is not so big, so you'll cover good ground with any method of transportation.

Bermuda's Best Beaches

Elbow Beach (Paget Parish) - is among the most popular beaches in Bermuda. IT stretches out over one mile and is one of the safest swimming beaches due to corals blocking the volatile waves. There are lots of resort hotels and restaurants around. Since it is very close to Hamilton, lots of locals swing by after work. Enjoy beautiful sunsets.

Warwick Long Bay - One of the longest beaches located south of South Shore Park.  While you are here visit some of the local attractions nearby: Tarpon Hole and Gibbs Hill lighthouse.  A great beach where you can be isolated from the crowds. Although there are strong winds here, the waves are mild due to the presence of offshore reefs. In Warwick Long Bay, you can snorkel, relax and unwind. There is a huge boulder offshore, which gives this beach its unique personality.

Horseshoe Bay Beach - One of the more popular beaches in Bermuda and for good reason.  Many who have visited have claimed it's one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Pristine crystal clear waters and pink sand, can't beat that. There is also a kiddie cove for toddlers.  You can also have some food in the local restaurant. There are places where you can rent snorkeling equipment, beach chairs and umbrellas. Do try to visit this beach!


Video of Bermuda's Top Beaches

Bermuda's unique architecture

Hamilton Street by thatsparklychick.

Bermuda's buidings painted solid pastel colors.
Photo by:

 Bermuda has its own unique architecture like no other. Building walls are painted with solid pastel colors, so it can have a welcoming atmosphere. Roofs are white made of limestone to remove rain impurities. The rain is collected by gutters into  tanks under the house to supply for house needs. The government does not provide much fresh water and thus the residents rely on their house architectures to collect the water.  Residents always welcome the rain, since it replenishes the house tank.  Bermuda is also uniquely known for moon gates. These are coral blocks shaped in a circular fashion above a wooden gate. The inspiration for this came from China. Supposedly whoever walks through the moon gate would get good luck. They are also beautiful backdrops to weddings.

An amazing heaven for golfing - Tiger Woods would love it here .  Bermuda has more golf courses per square kilometer than any other place in the world. Vacation and enjoy this golf heaven.

British Culture with a Bermuda flavor

 When you think about the United Kingdom, you picture fur coats, cold weather, and the Queen. You can experience British culture in Bermuda in  the picture of Queen Elizabeth II, driving on the left side of the road and playing cricket. Bermuda, however has its own distinct culture with American sounding English, pastel colored buildings and the famous Bermuda shorts. Bermuda shorts are worn in formal attire with a tie and shirt instead of dress pants.  It looks like a mixture of businessman with a leisurely attitude.

Local natives are called "onions" named after this popular export was one of the main income sources during the early 1900's.The poulation is about 60% black and 40% white. The island people is highly literate, with very little unemployment rate. Bermudans are highly religious people with more than 100 churches in this little island.  They are comprised of everything from Baptists, mormons, seventh day adventists, and catholics.

Gombey is a type of music which has West African and British christian missionary influences. It involves a quick drumbeat with rythmic chants. Among some instruments involved are kettle drums, snare drums, and whistles. Since it has Christian influences, the dances are performed during Easter and Christmas holidays. The dance involves high kicks, splits and turns.  The dance customs are passed down to future generations by their forefathers.


Gombey Video

Top Attractions in Bermuda

BAMZ - One of the better attractions in Bermuda is the Bermuda Aquarium and Zoo - Established by the Bermuda Government, its mission is “to inspire appreciation and care of island environments.”  It is commmitted to teaching people about fishes through its tours, engaging displays and conferences. In the discovry room, there is a touch pool where children can see a glass enclosed beehive, touch animals from sea stars to sponges and listen to volunteers who present songs and opportunities to meet animals up close. There are also tours where one can see Harbor Seals and view animal feeding encounters. The aquarium contains over 200 different species of fish.

Crystal Cave and Fantasy Cave - named after the crystal clear water that fills the cave. Two boys discovered the place in 1907 chasing after a ball.   You can actually see 50 feet below in this crystal clear water. There is also a Cafe inside the caves that sells souveniers and provides snacks. THere are stalagmites and stalactites on the top of the caves, which truly make this place a natural wonder of beauty. 

Bermuda 202 by teachandlearn.

Crystal Caves. Photo by teachandlearn


Glass Bottom Sightseeing - Through aquaticbermuda.com.  This is great. You can see the fish up close. It is like snorkeling without the equipment. You will even get to climb aboard a sunken ship and feed ravenous fish by hand. What an experience!

King's Square - The center of the capital of St. George. YOu can catch a glimpse of a replica of pillory and stocks. If you are not familiar with these, they are hinged wooden boards with holes, where different limbs are inserted. These are used for petty thefts and as a symbol of humiliation for thieves' crimes.  

Old State House - Oldest stone builidng in Bermuda going back to 1620. It is famous by a yearly Peppercorn rent ceremony where the Old State House pays rent of one peppercorn. This Peppercorn Ceremony takes 45 minutes involves a 17 gun salute where the governor enters and payment of the peppercorn, which lies on a velvety cushion, is made.

Bermuda Maritime Museum - 50,000 visitors come here annually. It used to be a fortress of to protect the Royal Naval Dockyard from enemy attack. After the American Revolutionary War, The Royal Navy relocated here.  Today it teaches about Bermuda's maritime history. Cost of admission is $10. Inside the museum is also the Commissioner's House, a cast iron building worth taking pictures of. There is also a dolphin show here where you can interact with dolphins.

Other popular activities in Bermuda:
1. Shore fishing - Catch some pompano or even barracuda.
2. Kayaking - Ocean kayaks that are easily controlled and safe. Lots of fun.
3. Snorkeling- 100 feet visibility. You'll feel like you're living with the fishes.
4. Horse Riding - Enjoy Bermuda's beauty with a horse ride.


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