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London offers beautiful places for any visitor to see. London is the largest city in Western Europe. It is full of rich history monarchial history, reflected in its popular attractions. It is also a top city in terms of fashion, culture and finance. Here I will list the top 10 must places to visit for any tourist, complete with pictures, videos, locations and hours. Hope you can find this information helpful.

1.The London Eye

 One of the most iconic and famous symbols of London.  The London Eye is the biggest Ferris Wheel in all of Europe. It is not just an ordinary ferris wheel. In each capsule, a capacity of 24 people can be inside.  You can either sit or walk around to take pictures.  Each revolution of the wheel is very slow and takes about 30 minutes so people can enjoy their time while seeing London from arial perspective. It goes to a height of 443 feet or 135 metres.  IT is a must visit when you go to London. There are many different types of tickets from regular tickets, nightime tickets, champagne tickets (yes they offer you champagne while on the capsule).  Interestingly enough, there are even people who have their weddings inside the capsules. Say "Eye Do!"

London Eye Cropped 256 by Lawrie Cate.

The London Eye. Photo by:  Lawrie Cate

London Eye Video.

As an interesting note, as of 2009 the London Eye is now the third biggest Ferris Wheel in the world, surpassed by the Star of Nanchang and the Singapore Flyer.

 London Eye

The London Eye
Riverside Building
County Hall
Westminster Bridge Road
London SE1 7PB

  • Getting there: situated on the Southbank of the river Thames between Hungerford and Westminster Bridges
  • Opens at 10:00 AM and closes at 8:00 or 9:00 pm depending on the season.
  • Prices: Varies but approximately £35.00. Go to website for more details on pricing, there are different packages.
2.The Tower of London

 This tower is actually a castle. It is visited by millions of people each year, mostly due to its rich history.  For anyone who loves history and monarchy will be fascinated by the events that took place during this time.  Some of the fascinating aspects of the tower are as follows:

1. Bell Tower - used to be home to Thomas Moore who was  executed due to his refusal to acknowledge Henry VIII as the head of the church of England instead of the Pope.

2. White  Tower - Contains guns, cannons, armour (including Henry VIII's armour).  One of the more interesting armours belong to Johon of Gaunt which is 2 meters.     It also has the Chapel of St John the Evangelist. You can wear a gauntlet and even handle a sword if you wish.

3. Bloody Tower - Edward V and his younger brother were murdered here supposedly by their uncle Richard III (or some say Henry VIII)  so that they would not have a claim to the throne.

tower of london

Picture of Tower of London At Night. Photo by: schlaeger

 Tower of London
The Tower of London
Tower Hill, London, EC3N 4AB, United Kingdom

Adults: £17.00 at gate, £16.00 online
Child between 5-16: £9.50 at gate, £9.00 online
Under 5: Free.

Tuesday - Saturday: 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Sunday - Monday: 10:00 AM - 4:30 PM


3. Buckingham Palace

 The palace is home to the British monarchy. It is also a center place for celebrations of rejoicing and crisis.  This royal home is also place where state visits take place.  The place is not necessarily a museum but a place where important gatherings of the royal palace take place.  It was opened to the public in 1993 to increase popularity for the royals who were at the time full of scandalous revelations.   Today visitors can visit and have a tour of the 19 state rooms (out of teh 661) that are in the center of the palace.  It is one of the most famous places in the world.   While you are at Buckingham Palace, you can also watch the changing of the guard from 11:30 AM daily during August through March. The old guard is replaced by the new on the forecourt of the palace.


Buckingham Palace by dbaron.

Buckingham Palace. Photo by: dbaron

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace Road
London, (Pall Mall), London, SW1V, UK
+44 20 7930 4832

Open Daily 9:45am-6pm

4. National Gallery

Founded in 1824, has one of the best collection of over 2,000 Western European paintings.  With works of such greats as Monet, Constable, Renoir, Cezanne, Van Gogh and Rembrant, it really makes this an enchanting place to visit and be inspired. The place is really an educational experience and there are tours as well as guided lectures for anyone to enjoy.   You will really need a few days to go through and explore every exhibition.  The best part about going here is that the admission is free, you should not miss this.  There is also an audio guide for a nominal fee.  Weekday mornings are the best times to visit due to lesser crowds.

National Gallery 

Trafalgar Square

 44 (0)20 7747 2885

Times subject to change, please see website for current times.

10am - 6pm daily
(last admissions 5:15pm)
10am - 9pm Fridays
(last admissions 8:15pm)
10am - 8pm Saturdays
(last admissions 7:15pm)


5. Tate Modern

Tate Modern is  London's most popular museum of modern art. It is not just about the art, however, it is also about the magnificent architecture.  Leading Swiss architests Herzog & deMeuron won the Pritziker, which is one of artchitecture's top prize for the creation of this beauty.  This place was originally a power station until it was closed in 1981.   

There are several levels in Tate Modern. The first level used to be a place to hold electric generators.  It has specially commissioned art from artists such as Bruce Nauman, Rachel Whiteread, Doris Salcedo, and Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster.  Tate Modern's collections can mostly be seen in levels 3 and 5 and they are arranged by chronology and theme. Overall there are 60,000 different works on display at one time.  There are also amazing views of the Thames and St. James rivers on the restaurant of the 7th floor. 

Tate Modern

London SE1 9TG
020 7887 8888

Sunday - Thursday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM (last admission at 5:15 PM)
Friday and Saturday 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM (last admission at 9:15 PM)
Closed Dec 24, 24, 26.
Admission: FREE

Resources for London Travel

6. Westminister Abbey

 Is one of the most famous churches in all of England due to its symbolic nature.   Every year one million visitors stop by.  Almost every member of royalty, with the exception of Henry V and Henry VIII,  has been crowned here starting from William the Conqueror in 1066.  Among some highlights: 

  • Tomb of Mary Queen of Scots - Located in the chapel's southern isle.
  • Statemen's Aisle - Politicians are commemorated here.
  • Coronation Chair - Where the monarchs are crowned.
  • Hery VII Chapel - See a magnificent sarcophagus of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York.

You can learn a lot about the churches majestic history by taking the tour guide. There is an audio guide where  you can hear and learn in 8 different languages.


7. British Museum

 is a world museum. It has galleries from places such as Wester Asia, Orient, Africa, Etruscans, Romans, and medieval artifacs.  There are 50 minute eye opener tours where you can hear good information on each of the themes of the galleries. Among the highlights of the museum includes the Rosetta Stone which is written in Egyptian and Greek and it helped to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics. THere is also the Parthenon Sculptures, which were part of the Parhenon in Athens. The Amaravati Sculputres have Indian Goddesses and cross legged Buddhas made of copper and stone.  

8. Victoria and Albert Museum

  Another magnificent museum worth going to in London. It has artifacts such as furniture, jewelry and photographs from all over the world. It is comprised of 146 different galleries and has over four million objects from Britain and around the world. There are free guided tours from 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Some highlights include Italian Renaissance sclupture of Italy, designs from Asian countries, Elizabethean period costumes, and a comprehensive photography collection with over 500,000 images displayed.

Victoria and Albert Museum

10.00AM to 05:45 PM daily
10.00AM to 10:00 PM Fridays (selected galleries remain open after 18.00. ).
020 7942 2211

Admission to the V&A is free

9. Science Museum

 The Science museum in London is a wonderful place to take children who are not entertained by the museum atmosphere. There are 2000 hands on exhibits for children and adults to experience. Among some of the highlights: Flight simulators, displays on Medical history, Apollo 10 command module, and IMAX theater. THere is also a cafeteria on the ground floor in case you or your children get hungry. It is a great educational and learning experience for the whole family.

Science Museum in London
Exhibition Road, South Kensington, London SW7 2DD
Open 7 days a week from 10.00 to 18.00 except 24 to 26 December.

Entry is free

10. Trafalgar Square

 It is a the center of London, a place where people gather for celebrations or protests on behalf of the country.  In the center of the square is Nelson's column, which was created to commemmorate Admiral Horatio Nelson's victory over the French in The battle of Trafalgar on October 1805. The North side of the square was redeveloped in 2003 with a new pedestrian plaza built. The  square used to be somewhat neglected and birds would poop all over people here until the city's mayor banned feeding of the pigeons. One of the most interesting aspects of Trafalgar Square is its plinths. Three of the plinths are occupied by important historical figures: King George IV, General Charles Napier and Sir Henry Havelock. The fourth plinth keeps interchanging with works of contemporary artists. Among some are : Ecce Home by Wark Wallinger (1999), Marc Quinn's Alison Lapper Pregnant (2005) and Tomas Schutee's Model for a Hotel (2007)-  

Trafalgar Square by nikoretro.

Trafalgar Square. Photo by:  nikoretro


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