Things You Must Do When Traveling To Edmonton

This article summarizes some interesting things to do in Edmonton.

When it comes time to go on a vacation many people spend time focusing on the many wonderful destinations in the south.  Many of these areas pride themselves on warm, even hot, weather and sandy beaches.  There are also a great many worthwhile destinations in the north too, and one of these is Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  A visit to Edmonton is a great way to spend a long weekend or an entire vacation.  The surrounding area is filled with notable attractions and interesting landscape to explore.  When going to Edmonton, it is best to plan ahead though so nothing is missed out on.  Here is a look at just five things you should do when traveling to Edmonton, Alberta.

West Edmonton Mall
By far the most popular attraction in all of Edmonton, people fly into town from all over the country and beyond to go shopping at the world's largest shopping and entertainment complex.  The list of attractions and features of the West Edmonton Mall is incredible and includes all kinds of retail outlets, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, amusement park attractions, an aquarium, fun center, and more.  While most shopping malls are a place where people go when they need something or are visiting somewhere else, the West Edmonton Mall is the attraction people are coming to visit.  It is something that truly must be experienced as it is really bigger than life.

Muttart Conservatory
A gem of an attraction can be found in Edmonton by visiting the Muttart Conservatory.  Most people won't expect to find an incredibly developed tropical ecosystem in the Great White North, but at the Muttart Conservatory they'll find that and so much more.  The conservatory is home to five glass pyramids, each one housing a different ecosystem.  There are arid and dry plant systems to see, as well as tropical and temperate as well.  A very interesting stop while visiting Edmonton.

High Level Bridge and Streetcar
Built in 1913, the High Level Bridge spans across the North Saskatchewan River and was designed at one time to allow pedestrian, rail, streetcar, and automobiles to cross it.  A trip across this historic bridge is still a unique experience and a great opportunity for photo taking and a nice opportunity to take in a wonderful view.  During certain times of the year, three old streetcars are put into service so that visitors can enjoy taking a nostalgic trip across the bridge the way turn of the century inhabitants of Edmonton did.

Fort Edmonton Park
One of the finest historical municipal parks in North America, Fort Edmonton Park does an amazing job of showing the history of Edmonton through the various recreations of the city during different stages of its past.  This is a truly entertaining way for kids to learn a little about history and have a good time too.

Professional Football
The Canadian Football League's Edmonton Eskimos play in Commonwealth Stadium and offer a particularly exciting brand of football.  The Canadian professional game is similar to the more famous National Football League from America, but with a few slight changes including a longer field and the ability for one of the offensive players to be in motion towards the line of scrimmage at the time the ball is snapped.  For football fans who have never taken in a game north of the border, this is a must as it'll be a great experience they can share with their fellow fans once they return home.

No visit to Edmonton is complete without at least seeing the famous West Edmonton Mall first hand.  This huge complex that mixes retail, food, and amusement attractions is truly something to behold.  But, Edmonton is much more than just the home of the West Edmonton Mall, it has many other things worth seeing and experiencing too, some of which are related to the community's fascinating local history.  Plan your next visit ot Edmonton on Expedia.  Use an expedia coupon to save you some money.   Visitors to Edmonton have a wealth of things to choose from when it comes time to planning their day or weekend.  Couple that with a number of attractions within an easy drive from the community and you have a recipe for a wonderful vacation experience.  Vising Edmonton, Alberta could be the best vacation decision you make.


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