Important Travel Tips for the Elderly

Traveling, both internationally and domestically, can be one of the more enjoyable experiences anyone can have. There are many things that can come up during a trip though that can unexpectedly make a vacation take a turn for the worse.

 Traveling, both internationally and domestically, can be one of the more enjoyable experiences anyone can have.  There are many things that can come up during a trip though that can unexpectedly make a vacation take a turn for the worse.  This is particularly true for the elderly when they travel as many times there are health and mobility issues that need to be addressed.  Anyone approaching, or well into, their senior years though should never feel like they are unable to continue to enjoy the fun, excitement, and relaxation possibilities that traveling to new places allows.  Here is a look at some important tips that can make traveling easier on those that have advanced in age.


Medical Documentation
Older travelers should take the step to make sure that their medical documentation, detailing their medical history and any ongoing treatments they are undergoing at the time, is both on their person at the time when they are traveling as well as left behind with a contact should a situation arise where either the traveler is unable to communicate or the documentation is lost.  When a medical emergency arises, having the most up-to-date medical information possible can have an effect on whether the best best medical care is provided.

Fast Acting Medications
When an elderly traveler has a medical condition that could require immediate medication to save their life, it is imperative that these prescription medications be current, filled, and on hand.  A couple of examples of this would be a diabetic patient who needs their emergency insulin injection and a patient with a history of coronary problems who could need their prescription for nitroglycerin while they are away from home.

Eating At Chain Or Resort Owned Restaurants
One of the more enjoyable aspects of traveling is sampling the food in a local area.  Often though, elderly travelers have dietary restrictions or are negatively affected by different types of foods.  A good way to combat this is to eat at national and international chain restaurants that are familiar to the traveler or to eat at restaurants owned and operated by major resorts because they usually try and cater to the normal tastes of vacationers.

Chargers And Batteries
Whether it is a charger for a cellphone or replacement batteries for a set of hearing aids, these essential electronic devices are only usable if they have a reliable power source.  Without battery power, hearing aids, cell phones, blood sugar monitors, and more are useless and could make it more difficult for a traveler with a health issue or disability to have a pleasant time on their vacation.

When booking online with Expedia, Travelocity or Orbitz look for senior discounts.

Some hotels have senior citizen discounts, make sure you look for these discounts when booking your trip online. In addition you can obtain the best deals and discounts by going to coupon sites that offer expedia coupon codes, travelocity coupons or coupons for any other online booking agency.

Pack Enough Daily Supplies
There are many personal items that certain elderly travelers need to get through their day or week.  Whether a person needs denture adhesive, a specific medicated topical application, or even something like adult diapers, these should be purchased ahead of time and packed along with the rest of the travelers luggage.  Often finding such items while on a vacation to an unfamiliar area can be inconvenient or even impossible.

Preventative Medicines
Elderly travelers often have different physical problems or difficulties than younger travelers.  Older travelers are more apt to experience constipation than diarrhea like others could be.  For this reason it may be a good idea for older travelers to pack along a laxative.  Older travelers who occasionally feel joint or muscle pain at home, may want to bring along prescribed muscle relaxers or medicated rubs as their level of physical activity while on vacation could be much higher than it is at home.  There are also a number of over-the-counter gas relief medications that can be taken before a meal is eaten to eliminate the possibility of potential gastrointestinal problems later.

Communication Devices
Because of the chance of something going wrong and potential mobility issues, it is a very good idea that seniors traveling away from home carry with them an operational cellular phone so that they can immediately make contact with loved ones, transportation providers, or emergency services immediately when they are needed.

Whether it is a medical related issue, an issue related to decreased mobility, a problem with dietary restrictions, or anything else, there should be almost no reason for a senior citizen or elderly person to decide that they are not able to travel as they once were.  Though there may be difficulties that impact the way that travel can occur, there are also steps that can be taken that make elder travel somewhat easily possible.  Whether for a vacation, for business purposes, or for social gatherings, traveling is one of the more fun and interesting activities a person can participate in.  It would be a shame if someone were to decide that they could no longer travel, simply because of issues related to age.


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