Fun Filled Activities In Atlanta, Georgia

One of the most unique and diverse cities that anyone could choose to vacation in is the city of Atlanta, Georgia. The city of Atlanta offers something for nearly every visitor that comes its way, including both indoor and outdoor activities, along with a wide variety of tourist attractions that treat thousands of visitors every year with a special time.

 Atlanta has had a long, rich, and fascinating history, and there are a number of museums and historical sites with in the city's borders that will detail this in a fabulous way so that a visitor to the city can go away with a new understanding of this important city of the Deep South.  Atlanta is also an exciting city with a wide variety of activities, attractions, eating establishments, and shopping opportunities as well.  Here is a brief look at five fun filled activities designed to entertain the many vacationers that choose Atlanta, Georgia as their vacation destination each and every year.  Plan your next vacation to Georgia with Cheaptickets or Southwest for cheaper travel. Use a promotion code for cheaptickets or a promotion code for southwest to save even more.

World of Coca-Cola
A stop at the World of Coca-Cola is much more than a factory tour or specialty shop.  There are a great many surprises around every corner in one of the most entertaining specialty museums in Atlanta.  There are other more historically significant museums in and around Atlanta, but few offer as much fun as the World of Coca-Cola does. With 60,000 square feet of Coca Cola history, this is a great stop for anyone interested in the Coke brand or pop culture.

121 Baker Street
Atlanta, GA‎
(404) 676-5151‎

Zoo Atlanta
One of the oldest zoos in the entire United States, Zoo Atlanta was recently remodeled and continues to add new animals exhibits every year.  Zoo Atlanta exhibits animals in close reproductions of their natural habitats that have been replicated right in there in the facility.  Seeing the animals interact with each other or going about their daily life in a setting that in reminiscent of the surroundings they would live in if they were in the wild makes the visit that much more informative, educational, and enjoyable.    Pandas, gorillas, lions, birds of prey, reptiles, elephants, and more... Zoo Atlanta has everything a traveler would expect from a major zoo, and then some.

800 Cherokee Ave SE # A
Atlanta, GA 30315-1470
(404) 624-9453
Prices - about $15- 18

Fox Theatre
Fox Theater Restored to its distinctive 1920s look, the Fox Theatre in Atlanta entertains and excites thousands of visitors each and every year.  The venue hosts comedy and variety shows, Broadway plays, dance groups, and more.  Viewing a lively show in this historically important and visually appealing location can be a very special time.  There are also tours available that let the visitor get an inside look at this classic theater with the look of an era that is long gone.

660 Peachtree St NE
Atlanta, GA 30308
(404) 881-2100
major credit cards accepted

Professional Sports
Atlanta rewards both visitors and locals with an interest in sports with many opportunities to see them performed at the highest levels.  Atlanta is represented in Major League Baseball by the Atlanta Braves who play their home games at Turner Field.  The National Football League's Atlanta Falcons entertain crowds during the fall and winter at their home field inside Atlanta's Georgia Dome.  The Atlanta Hawks play their home games in Philips Arena and give everyone who comes to a game a great taste of the product offered by the National Basketball Association.  Many wouldn't expect it, seeing as Atlanta is located in the deep south, but the city claims a National Hockey League team as well, the Atlanta Thrashers have played in the city since 1997 and play their home games at Philips Arena as well.  Sports fans coming to Atlanta are very lucky with all the options there are to entertain them.

Georgia Aquarium

Georgia Aquarium

Photo by mikejsolutions.

The Georgia Aquarium is not only one of the newest and most modern of the major aquariums in the United States, it is credited by many as being the largest aquarium in the entire world.  More than 100,000 animals live and are on display in its more than eight million gallons of water.  For an inland city to have such large marine animals like sharks and beluga whales on display is truly amazing in a number of respects.  The aquarium is setup to display a number of different environments including tropical, cold water, and fresh water.  One of the highlights of the Georgia Aquarium is its tunnel exhibits which allow visitors to enter a clear tunnel-like walkway that has marine life swimming not only to the left and right, but also above too.

225 Baker St NW
Atlanta, GA‎
(404) 581-4000‎ ;
Prices kids-adults ($26-$35)


The city of Atlanta is one of those truly special places that offers its visitors the ability to never ever be bored once they enter it.  The city can entertain, occupy, and satisfy a traveler interested in museums and art galleries, sporting events and recreational opportunities, shopping and dining, and so much more.  Making the choice to spend a vacation in the city of Atlanta is the type of choice that no one will grow to regret.  Atlanta, Georgia is a great place to visit and has been for well over one hundred years.

121 Baker Street Atlanta, GA‎ - (404) 676-5151‎  

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