Five Things You Must See When Visiting Dublin

The best vacations are those that treat the vacationer to new, interesting, and enjoyable experiences. When travelers make the decision to spend their vacation in beautiful Ireland, they absolutely must make the famous city of Dublin part of their trip.

Dublin offers an incredible amount of things to do for almost everyone that heads that way. The city is home to a long and fascinating history that can be viewed both first hand in the form of tours and sites as well as viewed and pondered over in museums and art galleries. The city is also home to one of the most vibrant nightlifes in Europe, and many visitors have found Dublin after dark to be one of the most unforgettable parts of their visit to Ireland. There are a number of must-see attractions and activities in Dublin, here is a look at just five of them.


1916 Rebellion Walking Tour

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In 1916, during Easter time,  there was a rebellion where Ireland proclaimed Ireland as a Republic, free from British rule.  Although the rebellion was stopped after 7 days, the events of this day eventually led to Irish War of Independence and subsequently to the Anglo-Irish Treaty, ending most British reign over Ireland.    Consistently rated as one of the top walking tours available in Ireland, the 1916 Rebellion Walking Tour in Dublin is a great way to get outdoors and listen to the real history of this famous event as told by a witty and fun tour guide.  The tour is quite extensive, so comfortable shoes are recommended.  This is easily one of the best ways for a visitor from outside the country to have some of even the most minor areas and structures in the city pointed out to them.

Kilmainham Gaol Historical Museum

A great place to visit for the traveler with even the most minor of interests in history is the Kilmainham Gaol Historical Museum.  This popular museum is the site of a one-time jail with a reputation for harsh and unfair treatment of its prisoners.  Walking within these walls gives the visitor the intense feeling of what it mus have been like to be a prisoner in Dublin more than a hundred years ago.

Traditional Irish Music Pub Crawl

One of the highlights of many people's stays in Dublin is the Traditional Irish Music Pub Crawl which features great music, great drinks, and a decent amount of history too.  The tour takes travelers by foot from one Irish pub to another, each one playing the traditional music of the country.  Many visitors describe this tour as the best moment of their stay in Ireland and recommend it year after year to their friends and family.

Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle
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While much of the castle has been destroyed or left to decay over the years, this is still one of the more unique and special points of interest in Dublin.  The lone tower that remains on the palace grounds is quite impressive and well worth a close-up view.  The guides leading the tour through the many rooms available on the grounds of the castle are well informed and visitors should feel free to ask questions of them.  The castle has a unique and varied history stretching back to its time as a fortress for the Vikings in the 1200s, and including being manned by the British and later the Irish.

Old Jameson Distillery

Old Jameson Distillery
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Even the locals recommend visitors to Dublin take time to tour the Old Jameson Distillery.  The fun filled informative tour includes a great deal of information regarding the history of whiskey making as well as a look at the difference between whiskeys made in different locations around the world.  The re-creation done here provides a great look at what a a whiskey distillery looked like and the job functions that needed to be performed during its heyday during a much different time.

From historical sites, to social settings, and even outdoor recreation, Dublin really does have it all when it comes to delivering the kind of unforgettable vacation experiences that many travelers seek when they travel abroad.  It doesn't matter what sites or activities that a traveler in Dublin is seeking, it all comes with the beautiful city itself as the backdrop for everything seen or done in and around the area.  Dublin offers nearly something for everyone, and with just one visit to this fascinating city it is easy to see why many millions of visitors return year after year to what is quite possibly the most entertaining city in Ireland.  A visit to Dublin, Ireland is a great way for a vacationer to create the types of memories that will last a lifetime.

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