Five Must See Attractions In Killarney, Ireland

Many people look forward their entire lives to that rare chance to experience a once-in-a-lifetime vacation to an exceptional location, Ireland is just such a destination. One of the best destinations in the world for experiencing an incredible vacation is the country of Ireland. Once in Ireland, the community of Killarney truly offers nearly everything any one traveler would need in a vacation destination.

1.  Ross Castle

Ross Castle
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With its stunning views, great historical importance, fascinating history, and the controversial rumor that it is haunted, a stop at Killarney's Ross Castle is a must.  The castle is quite beautiful and in amazing shape considering its age.  There are rumors that a ghost will make an appearance if the visitor to the castle is lucky (or unlucky, as it may be), but ghost sightings are few and far between to most people who venture into the castle.


2.  Killarney National Park
Killarney National Park borders the community of Killarney and was the first national park ever created in Ireland.  The park is home to, among other things, the most expansive section of native forest in Ireland, as well as the country's only native herd of Red Deer.  Although it is a natural park area today, it has at times been inhabited in the past and there are many examples of ruins found there including evidence of copper mining and a number of sites like Inisfallen Abbey that date back to the seventh century and before.  The visitor and education center at Muckross House does a great job informing travelers on the history of the area and the ecological life that functions within the park's boundaries on a daily basis.  One of the more popular attractions for anyone looking into the history of Ireland is Muckross Traditional Farms which allows visitors to see what a working farm from before the introduction of electricity looks like.

3.  Ring of Kerry


ring of kerry
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Anyone wanting to get out and about in Ireland's great outdoors should definitely look into treating themselves with a visit to the Ring of Kerry.  The Ring of Kerry is a popular scenic drive that starts in Killarney, meanders through the Irish countryside, and provides for some incredible scenic views.  Among the many sites that the Ring of Kerry brings those who drive it to are the Iveragh Peninsula, the Muckross House, Staigue stone fort, Derrynane House, Lough Leane, Ladies View, the Gap of Dunloe, Rossbeigh Beach, Molls Gap, Torc Waterfall, Ogham Stones, Kellegy Church, Beehive Cells, and more.  For those wanting to set there own pace or have a more outdoorsy experience, there are also an alternate walking route that follows much of the same path , as well as a signposted cycling path too.

4.  Muckross House and Gardens
One of the most recommended stops for travelers coming to Ireland, and more specific to Killarney, is the famous Muckross House and Gardens.  This 19th century mansion provides its visitors with an awesome view of the surrounding Irish countryside, as well as a great look at how the well-to-do lived during the 1800s in Ireland.  The mansion remains largely in the prime condition of its most successful times.  Many visitors routinely cite Muckross House and Gardens as one of the best stops they made while touring through Killarney.

5.  Cloghereen Blue Pool Walk
Some of the most serene and majestic views in Killarney National Park can be seen with a visit to Cloghereen Blue Pool Walk.  This walking trail takes its visitors through an area that is both scenic and historically significant.  The views of the waters here are astounding and quite popular with both professional and amateur photographers.  At the right time of day, the walk can be quite magical if one lets themselves be drifted away to either a different time or welcomes the scenery to overwhelm them.  There are few steep parts to the trails, so walkers of all ability levels should be able to venture safely out into the Irish outdoors via Cloghereen Blue Pool Walk.

It is hard to go wrong, as far as particular cities or communities to visit, when traveling to Ireland, but Killarney is one of the areas that stands out among the best.  The community and the surrounding area offer shopping, dining, nightlife activities, golf, scenic area, historical sites, and more to entice, excite and satisfy nearly everyone who comes its way.  A visit to Killarney will easily go down as one of the highlights of a visit to Ireland.  Visit Ireland, use a coupon code to go to Ireland cheaper. Orbitz offers frequent promotional codes to make your travel to Ireland a little less costly. Use an orbitz promotional code and lower your costs for your next Ireland trip.



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