Top 10 Lakers of All Time Interesting facts and achievements

Here are the top 10 Laker greats of all time, including current players. This article is a tribute to some of the greatest basketball players who ever played the game for the Los Angeles Lakers.


Wilt Chamberlain

Wilt Chamberlain Highlights 

  • 1971-72 championship team that won an NBA record 33 consecutive games
  • Averaged 50.4 points during the 1961-62
  • 50-plus points on 118 occasions
  • NBA Finals MVP (1972)
  • Rookie of Year (1960)
  • Most games with 50+ points 118
  • .727 highest field goal percentage in one season
  • In 1959-1960 season he was named both Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player
  • Nicknamed: Wilt the Stilt or The Big Dipper

Interesting facts about Wilt

  • 1984 he acted in the movie Conan the Barbarian
  • Passed away in 1999.
  • Was a member of the Harlem Globetrotters in 1958, he also had his number retired by the globetrotters.
  • He was an avid volleyball player after his NBA career.
  • Wilt had a record of 100 points in one game.
  • He claimed in his book that he had slept with 20,000 women.



Wilt Chamberlain at 17 years of age.


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar


Notable stats

  • NBA Most points - 38,387
  • 2 time NBA finals Most Valuable Player.
  • 1970 Rookie of the Year.
  • 6 time NBA MVP.
  • 19 times NBA all star - (1970-1977, 1979-1989)
  • 5 time NBA All-Defensive First Team
  • Most minutes played (57,446)
  • Most field goals made (15,837)
  • Most field goals attempted (28,307)
  • Most all star games played.
  • 1st player in NBA history to play more than 20 seasons.


Interesting Kareem Abdul-Jabaar facts

  • Most fascinating for the way he shot a basketball, a shot called the sky hook. His body would face sideways to the basket while releasing the ball with a sweeping upward arc motion. The shot would be released at the very top of his jump making it extremely difficult for anyone to block the shot.
  • Was born Lew Alcindor, but changed his name after converting to Islam. Kareem changed his name to hold on to his heritage.
  • He once dated actress Pam Grier
  • Appeared in Celebrity Jeopardy twice winning both times. First time he beat and second time he beat Larry King and Alexandra Paul (1994) and the second time he beat  Martina Navratilova and Reggie Jackson (1998)
  • Appeared in Bruce Lee's popular movie, Game of Death as his ultimate nemesis
  • Website : ontheshouldersofgiants
  • He has his own blog



James Worthy


James Worthy
James Worthy Photo


  • 3 time NBA champion(1985, '87, '88)
  • 7 time all star
  • 1 time NBA finals Most Valuable Player. (1988)
  • Most Outstanding Player Award NCAA (1982)
  • 2nd all time in steals as a Laker
  • Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2003.
  • Lifetime 52.1 field goal percentage.
  • Top field goal percentage for Lakers as rookie .579


College : North Carolina, first draft pick in 1982 draft.

  • Interesting facts about James Worthy
  • Nicknamed "Big Game James" by Chic Hearn (legendary Lakers announcer) for his ability to come up big in big games.  His averages always went up during the playoffs.
  • Klingon Koral in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode
  • Known for his one handed tomahawk jams.
  • Currently co-host of LTV a pregame show before Laker games.
  • The only reason he decided to play basketball was because his parents were struggling financially and he wanted to have a scholarship in order to pay his college tuition.
  • Was married to Angela Wilder from 1984-1996, has two children Sable and Sierra Worthy.

The not so good

In 1990 James Worthy was charged with solicitation of prostitution.



Elgin Baylor

  • 27.4 points and 13.5 rebounds career averages.
  • Laker franchise leader in rebounds (1st), points 3rd, assists 6th
    11 time all Star.
  • 1959 NBA rookie of the year.
  • NBA finals record for points (61 vs Boston on April 14, 1962)
  • Averaged 30 points and 14 rebounds 3 seasons.
  • 38.3 point per game season average in 1962 season, second only to Wilt Chamberlain.

Interesting facts about Elgin Baylor:

  • member of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity.
  • 1986 vice president of Clippers basketball operations.
  • NBA Executive of the Year in 2006




Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson - Ball in right hand
Magic Johnson - Ball in right hand Photo
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 Magic Johnson is one of the greatest basketball players of all time. He is definitely the greatest point guard to play the game. He brought a level excitement to the NBA that has lingered until now. He is well known for his dazzling passes that have earned him the name "Magic" Johnson. He had an intense rivalry with Larry Bird of the Celtics whom he always seem to battle during the NBA finals. Although Magic has a list of highlights that would easily fill a book, here are some of his more notable career highlights:

  • All time assists leader per game (11.2 average)
  • Olympic Gold Medalist
  • 12 time all star
  • 3 time finals Most Valuable Player
  • 2 time all star Most Valuable Player
  • Only Rookie to win a Finals MVP award.
  • Leader in NBA free throw percentage (.911)

Draft Pick:

  • Magic was selected 1st in 1979 NBA Draft.


Interesting facts about Magic:

  • Real name is Earvin Johnson Jr. He was one of nine siblings.
  • As a kid he would sleep with a basketball. When going to visit his a store, he would dribble with his right and come back dribbling with his left.
  • Magic announced he had HIV on November 7, 1991. He said he would be a spokesman for preventing the disease. He sure has been an avid spokesperson since.
  • He has built a chain of Magic Johnson Theaters in minority areas.  He has also gotten big corporations to invest in inner city areas, where normally they would have been opposed. Through such efforts he has constantly given back to the community through jobs, volunteering, and charity work. 
  • His Magic Johnson foundation teaches about HIV and has supported 800 high school students with scholarships.
  • He coached the Lakers once during the 93-94 season. (He lost 6 games and then he quit.)
  • At 36, Magic had a comeback and averaged 14.6 points, 6.9 assists, and 5.7 rebounds per game
  • In 1998, he had his own talk show that lasted two months. It was called the Magic Hour.
  • Magic considers one of his greatest achievements to be putting 40,000 minorities to work in Harlem and South Central Neighborhoods.



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Shaquile O'Neal

Shaquille O'Neal, Lakers 34  - 2000 MVP
Shaquille O'Neal, Lakers 34 - 2000 MVP Photo

  • 4 time NBA champ. 3 times with Lakers.
  • 3-time NBA finals MVP
  • 2-time NBA Scoring Champ
    3-time All-Star MVP
    15-time All Star
  • 2000 NBA Most Valuable Player
  • 1st pick of Magic in 1992
 Interesting facts about  Shaquile
  • One time hanging out with Big Baby Glen Davis, Davis backslammed him
  •  "He picked me up and body-slammed me," says Shaq. "That’s when I knew he was for real."


Kobe Bryant

  • To list Kobe Bryant's accomplishments would be an article in itself. Here are some of the many notable highlights Kobe has.
  • 2nd most points in a game: Scored 81 points on January 22, 2006 vs. Toronto Raptors
  • 8-time All-Defensive team 2000, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008
  • 3-time NBA All-Star Game MVP: 2002, 2007, 2009
  • 1-time NBA Most Valuable Player: 2008
  • 3-time NBA champion: 2000, 2001, 2002
  • 2-time scoring champion: 2006, 2007
  • NBA Slam Dunk Contest champion: 1997
  • Youngest player to score 23,000 points

 Interesting facts about Kobe Bryant

  • 13th draft pick by Charlotte Hornets who then traded Kobe to the Lakers for Vlade "floppy" Divac
  • Son of Joe JellyBean Bryant
  • named after Kobe steak from a Japanese menu his mother saw before giving birth.
  • 2003 Accused of sexual assault
  • Went to NBA directly from Lower Merrion High School at the age of 17.
  • Can speak English and Spanish.
  • Bryant is a big fan of soccer and fan of player Ronaldinho
  • 2007 endorsements estimated to be worth $16 million
  • SAT average of 1080


Pau Gasol

Pau Gasol

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Pau Gasol Highlights
  • Soon to be a legend with the Lakers, he is a very accurate shooting center and sure to be remembered for a long time.
  • 2 time NBA all star.
  • 2002 NBA rookie of the year.
  • Career 50% field goal shooter
Interesting facts about Pau Gasol
  • Mother is a Medical Doctor, Father is a nurse administrator.
  • Marc Gasol a 7 footer, 280 lb person is also an NBA player.
  • Enjoys BBQ Pizza and In n' Out burgers
  • He is the second player that came from the NBA from Spain. 


Jerry West

Jerry West
Jerry West Photo

Jerry West is one of the talented all around players to have played the game. He nearly made half of all field goal attemps, and was a tremendous jump shooter.  His image is forever remembered in the silhouette of the National basketball Association logo.  Jerry is also remembered as a successful General Manager (mostly with the Lakers) in his post basketball career.

His accomplishments:

  • 14 all star games. (1961-74)
  • Basketball hall of fame in 1979
  • Most free throws made in a season with 840
  • Made NBA finals 9 times. Was Finals MVP in 1969.
  • NBA all defensive first team 10 times
  • Lakers leading scorer in one season (25192 points)


Interesting facts about Jerry West
  • NBA logo is a silhouette of Jerry West.
  • Lakers all time leading scorer 25,192 points. Led Lakers seven different seasons.
  • He was nicknamed Mr. Clutch for his uncanny ability to score when needed.
  • He was so into basketball that he was obsessed with it. sometimes he would neglect to eat dinner in order to play basketball.
  • He was Mr. Hustle. He broke his nose nine times.
  • He was a perfectionist. Even if he had a great game, he would not be satisfied with it.
  • He had a brother who was killed in the Korean War when he was 12.
  • As Lakers General Manager he was responsible for picking Kobe Bryant and bringing Shaquile O'Neal. These players would bring three championships to Los Angeles from 2000-2002.


Gail Goodrich


Gail Goodrich's Highlights

  • Gail played for the suns and the Lakers as well.
  • Laker team 1971 leading scorer with 25.9 points per game. 
  • Career 80.7% free throw shooter.
  • Part of NCAA championships playing  1964 and 1965


Interesting facts about Gail Goodrich's life.

  •  During the first two seasons he sat on the bench.
  • He was lost to a new expansion team, the Phoenix Suns in 1968. He rejoined the Lakers in 1969 via a trade.
  • He was nicknamed "Stumpy" by Elgin Baylor because he was a little over 6 feet.
  • Was told after his college career in UCLA that he was too frail to play basketball.
  • He was left handed and is third leading scorer among lefties in the NBA.
  • Goodrich originally wanted to attend USC but coach John Wooden of UCLA showed him more interest.
  • After his NBA career he became a studio analyst for NBA TV.
  • 5 time all star (1969, 1970-1975)








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